Special Offers

Grey Indian Sandstone 

WAS £20.99+VAT per m²

NOW £15.99+VAT per m²

OVER 20% OFF List Price

*Collected Only | Full  Crate Only (Mixed Sizes) | Offer Ends 31st January 2019 


20mm Cotswold Chippings

Only £65.24*+VAT 

10% OFF List Price

Used on domestic driveways and paths.
“Packs down” for less surface shifting.
Warm mellow cotswold colour that starts off with a dusty appearance but over time washes off.

We always recommend seeing the gravel before purchasing.

Offer Ends 31st December 2018

*Bulk Bags Only| Delivery Charge May Apply 

20mm Cotswold Rounded

Only £65.42 +VAT 

Per Bulk Bag

20mm Basalt Buff Chippings

Only £74.96 +VAT 

Per Bulk Bag

Rutland Oakham Patio Kit 

∗2017 Price Freeze∗

Each pack contains 7.2m² consisting of 2 sizes- 600x600mm & 600x300mm

Pack Price £121.95 +VAT

Only £16.93+VAT per m²

Image shown is Rutland Autumn Gold

20mm Plum or Graphite Slate Chippings

Only £87.49 +VAT

Per Bulk Bag

Textured Paving 450x450mm

2017 Price Freeze

Available in 3 Colours:  Dark Grey, Buff & Light Grey

£3.91 +VAT each

Textured Paving 600x600mm

∗2017 Price Freeze∗

Available in 3 Colours:  Dark Grey, Buff & Light Grey

£7.58 +VAT each 

Eco Parking Ground Grid

The revolutionary new development in ground reinforcement.

£12.24* +VAT per m²


  • Quick & easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Surface reinforcement with natural drainage
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Prevents gravel migration
  • High Strength

Premier Riven 450x450mm

∗2017 Price Freeze∗

Available in Buff, Light Grey or Dark Grey

Only £2.07 +VAT each

Pack Price £149.45 +VAT for 76 Slabs

Pack Rate Only £1.97 +VAT each

Dragon Alfa Cement 25kg

∗2017 Price Freeze∗

Paper Bag Ordinary Portland Cement

Only £4.08 +VAT each

10+ £3.79 +VAT each

20+ £3.71  +VAT each

30+ £3.63 +VAT each

Postfast 20kg

Polythene Bag

– Sets in under 10 minutes
– No mixing required
– Just add water

Only £4.24 +VAT each

Every 4 Bags @ £4.03 +VAT each