Special Offers

Grey Indian Sandstone 

WAS £20.99+VAT per m²

NOW £15.99+VAT per m²

OVER 20% OFF List Price

*Collected Only | Full  Crate Only (Mixed Sizes) | Offer Ends 31st January 2019 


20mm Dorset Buff Chippings

Only £65.24*+VAT 

10% OFF List Price

Quarried from Swanage, Dorset this purbeck angular stone is perfect for driveways as the product “Packs down” for less surface shifting.

We always recommend seeing the gravel before purchasing.

Offer Ends 31st January 2019

*Bulk Bags Only| Delivery Charge May Apply 

20mm Cotswold Rounded

Only £66.66 +VAT 

Per Bulk Bag

20mm Basalt Buff Chippings

Only £76.50 +VAT 

Per Bulk Bag

Rutland Oakham Patio Kit 

∗2017 Price Freeze∗

Each pack contains 7.2m² consisting of 2 sizes- 600x600mm & 600x300mm

Pack Price £121.95 +VAT

Only £16.93+VAT per m²

Image shown is Rutland Autumn Gold

20mm Plum or Graphite Slate Chippings

Only £91.66 +VAT

Per Bulk Bag

Textured Paving 450x450mm

2017 Price Freeze

Available in 3 Colours:  Dark Grey, Buff & Light Grey

£3.91 +VAT each

Textured Paving 600x600mm

∗2017 Price Freeze∗

Available in 3 Colours:  Dark Grey, Buff & Light Grey

£7.58 +VAT each 

Eco Parking Ground Grid

The revolutionary new development in ground reinforcement.

£12.24* +VAT per m²


  • Quick & easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Surface reinforcement with natural drainage
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Prevents gravel migration
  • High Strength

Premier Riven 450x450mm

∗2017 Price Freeze∗

Available in Buff, Light Grey or Dark Grey

Only £2.07 +VAT each

Pack Price £149.45 +VAT for 76 Slabs

Pack Rate Only £1.97 +VAT each

Dragon Alfa Cement 25kg

Paper Bag Ordinary Portland Cement

Only £4.50 +VAT each

10+ £4.05 +VAT each

20+ £3.94  +VAT each

30+ £3.82 +VAT each

Postfast 20kg

Polythene Bag

– Sets in under 10 minutes
– No mixing required
– Just add water

Only £4.28 +VAT each

Every 4 Bags @ £4.07 +VAT each